Mt. Stephen Burgess Shale fossil beds guided hike

Have you wanted to climb a tall mountain with 6000 feet of vertical gain, but maybe not go all the way to the top, because f*** that?  Have you wanted to step on 505-million-year-old fossils while climbing halfway up that tall mountain?  Have you wanted to go into an EXCLUSIVE, restricted-access area that can only be entered with a guide?  Well then let me tell you about the Mt. Stephen Burgess Shale fossil beds guided hike in Yoho National Park! Continue reading

Hiking Kananaskis: Mt. Indefatigable

After our quick trip south to Waterton Lakes National Park, David and I headed 3 hours back up north for one more hike in the glorious Kananaskis valley: Mt. Indefatigable.  This peak had some of the best views we’ve had on our entire 3-week grand tour of the Canadian Rockies, so that is SAYING SOMETHING! Continue reading

Waterton Lakes: Akamina Ridge hike

Waterton Lakes National Park sits on the US-Canada border, and is connected to Glacier National Park in Montana.  Consequently, it has some truly premiere hiking opportunities which David and I took advantage of by hiking one of the area’s more famous trails: the Akamina Ridge trail. Continue reading