Hiking Lofoten: Matmora

For Schuyler’s last day on Lofoten we wanted to pull out all the stops and do a really spectacular hike.  I set my sights on Matmora, described on 68north as “one of the most scenic hikes in east Lofoten“.  A ridge hike promising epic views if the weather cooperated, Matmora is a bit higher on the difficulty scale than Justadtinden or Munken, but we figured we’d give it a go, and if we had to leave Schuyler’s body up there, we’d be sure to alert the authorities 🙂  Continue reading

Hiking Lofoten: Munkebu hut & Munken

Besides Reinebringen (which you are not currently supposed to hike), Munkebu hut is probably one of the more photographed landmarks in the Lofoten Islands.  Managed by Turlag Lofoten, the bright red hut sits nestled amongst dramatic mountain scenery, and the hike to get there really isn’t bad, especially by Lofoten standards 🙂 Continue reading

Hiking Lofoten: Justadtinden

Hi y’all.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve been busy sweating in the swampy Virginia summer air, and haven’t been doing much exciting hiking (unless you count extremely sweaty hiking as exciting).  BUT!  I just got back from two weeks in Norway’s Lofoten Islands and have a bumper crop of fresh exciting new content JUST FOR YOU!  Continue reading