Hi there!  If you’re reading this you’re probably a member of my immediate family or friend (Hi Aunt Carol!).  But if not, welcome!


Chillin’ atop Mt. Isolation in NH.  PC: Emily K

I’m Laura and this is my hiking/travel/hiking+travel blog.  Based in New Hampshire Virginia Oregon, I share information and pretty pictures from my various adventures at home and abroad.  I’ve been known to hike, backpack, trek, rock climb, and I occasionally dabble in mountaineering.  I also usually do a lot of complaining during any of those given activities.


I’m a very cool, not-awkward person. At the Wildcat D Ski area, NH. PC: Emily K

I started this blog because I was planning a trekking trip to Nepal and found the most helpful information in personal blogs.  So here I am, selflessly paying it forward, definitely not just forcing my family and friends to look at my travel photos.


Pictured: Arches National Park. Not Pictured: ALL THE SWEATING

So hang out, check out some posts (if you feel like it), and feel free to ask any questions you might have!  Thanks for stopping by, y’all!


My first Colorado 14er from allllll the way back in 2011 (Mt. Elbert). Also, I miss those sunglasses


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky says:

    We’re headed up your way at the end of Sept. We’ll be down in Portsmouth around 9/23, then over to Acadia 9/25, up into Quebec and back down to White Mts on 10/2. Will it be a good time to see some fall foliage, or are we too early?


    • Hi Becky, It really depends on the year, but on average you should be coming at a great time. Last year was really bizarre in that there was still foliage peaking mid- and late October, but if this year turns out to be more normal you should get in some great leaf peeping!


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