Day hikes in El Chalten

El Chalten, Argentina is Patagonia’s “trekking capital” and for good reason!  Dozens of walks ranging in difficultly from casual strolls to epic treks originate from in and around the town, and once you find your way to El Chalten (usually via several planes and buses) there’s no need for a rental car.  I’ve detailed my Patagonia trekking and mountaineering adventures in my previous two blog posts, so now it’s time to talk about the equally awesome day hiking opportunities in El Chalten! Continue reading


New England 67, Maine edition: The Crockers + Redington, and an Abraham-Spaulding-Sugarloaf traverse!

Did you know that there are many lists, and these lists have mountains that you can climb?  And then when you finish with one list, you can proceed to another list, that has MORE MOUNTAINS?  Well after finishing the NH 48 4000 footers, I decided I needed more patches to put on my backpack, so the New England 67 it was! Continue reading