Bugaboos backpacking at Boulder camp

I had always drooled over images of the Bugaboos but knew they were a climber’s paradise, not a hiker’s paradise.  Therefore, David and I did not have a trip to the Bugaboos on our original Canadian Rockies grand tour itinerary.  Fate intervened when our Mt. Stephen fossil bed guide told us about a hiker-friendly backpack in the Bugaboos with some epic scenery, and our plans immediately changed!  If you are also a hiker-not-climber drooling over images of the Bugaboos, please come inside, take a seat, and I’ll regale you with tales of a hiker-friendly Bugaboos backpacking trip. Continue reading


Argentine Patagonia: Cerro Electrico Climb

While in El Chalten for 10 days in mid-January, Mike, David, and I had a climb of Cerro Electrico on our jam-packed Patagonia itinerary.  Cerro Electrico is a “beginner mountaineering” mountain and only requires two days to climb it, but the rough, steep terrain is certainly enough to keep a novice mountaineer / avid hiker on their toes! Continue reading