Hiking the Virginia Triple Crown

Just outside of Roanoke, VA there are three hikes dubbed the “Virginia Triple Crown”.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I hiked them and I’m going to give y’all an account of my experience!  (Why yes I have lived in Virginia for over a year and this is my first Virginia blog post…)  Continue reading


A fall backpack in Kings Canyon/Sequoia: Pear Lake

In mid-October I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to California, so we began researching short, 2-day backpacks in Kings Canyon/Sequoia.  Turns out that you can’t do much justice to backpacking in these parks with only 2 days, but we tried our best with a backpack up the Lakes Trail, and my old friend from high school came along for her FIRST BACKPACK EVER! Continue reading

Hiking Yosemite: Clouds Rest

At the end of August David and I visited Yosemite National Park for the first time ever (even though he lived in California for over a year and hadn’t gone before then COUGHstupidCOUGH).  While we were unsuccessful in the Half Dome permit lottery for all of the days we tried (darn you, thousands of other people trying to climb Half Dome!), our “consolation” hikes didn’t leave much to be upset about!  Continue reading

Hiking Kings Canyon / Sequoia: Mitchell Peak

For the second and last hike of our quick weekend trip to Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks, I chose Mitchell Peak, a ~2000 feet of gain, ~6.4 mile round-trip hike to 360-degree unobstructed mountain views!  The road to get there, much like Monarch Lakes, was a bit of an adventure, though (seems to be a Sequoia / Kings Canyon theme?)!! Continue reading

Hiking Kings Canyon / Sequoia: Monarch Lakes

Hey y’all!  After my trip to Norway I was in California for a bit at the end of August (yes, I do have a job!) and squeezed in some great weekend excursions to Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks and Yosemite National Park.  The first hike to report is Monarch Lakes in Sequoia, a lovely, gentle hike to a tranquil high sierra lake.  The road to get there is decidedly less gentle and/or tranquil, though! Continue reading

Hiking Lofoten: Skottinden

The perfectly pointy, triangular summit of Skottinden mocked us daily from our Gravdal airbnb, and we knew we had to climb it before we left Lofoten.  We wound up saving it for the last day of our trip, hoping to go out with a bang.  That did happen, though quite a bit more literally than I was hoping, when a thunderstorm rolled in when we were at the summit.  Eeeep! 😮 Continue reading

Hiking Lofoten: Matmora

For Schuyler’s last day on Lofoten we wanted to pull out all the stops and do a really spectacular hike.  I set my sights on Matmora, described on 68north as “one of the most scenic hikes in east Lofoten“.  A ridge hike promising epic views if the weather cooperated, Matmora is a bit higher on the difficulty scale than Justadtinden or Munken, but we figured we’d give it a go, and if we had to leave Schuyler’s body up there, we’d be sure to alert the authorities 🙂  Continue reading