Hiking South Sister while out of shape: A 10 hour journey

Why hello there!  Since I moved to Oregon in August, I’ve been trying to get back into hiking shape (those two years in the flatlands of Virginia really hurt my hiking, y’all!).  It’s been a slow process with a lot of warm-up hikes like Iron Mountain and Kings Mountain, but this weekend I decided to go whole hog and hike South Sister.  The result was ….as painful as anticipated 🙂 . Continue reading


Hiking Yosemite: North Dome

After failing to get a Half Dome hiking permit for the 10000th time, David and I once again began searching for alternative hikes in Yosemite with amazing views.  Having already hiked Clouds Rest and Four Mile Trail during our last visit, we searched ever-so-slightly off the beaten path and settled on North Dome, a moderate hike off of Tioga Road promising up close and personal views of of Half Dome.  Continue reading

Hiking Yosemite: Sentinel Dome / Taft Point loop

Hi all!  It’s been a while (I feel like I say that all the time, woooops).  Since the last post, I’ve moved across the country from Virginia to Oregon… it was not fun!  Consequently, I spent most of the summer trying to spend as little money as possible, so no exciting trips were planned or taken.  However, I did get to Yosemite for a quick weekend trip in mid-September and did a few NOT HALF DOME  (what? I’m not bitter) hikes! Continue reading

Canyonlands day hike: Horseshoe Canyon

Hey y’all!  After a conference in Snowbird, Utah at the end of May, Sofya, Matt, and I headed south into the desert for a few days of hiking in Arches and Canyonlands!  After a sunset hike of Delicate Arch the previous night, the next morning we set off for a remote area of Canyonlands called Horseshoe Canyon, trying to avoid the crazy Memorial Day crowds.   Continue reading