36 Hours in Wales: Hiking Snowdon!

Hi all!  It’s been a while.  Back in March I had to go to England for a conference, so I decided I should probably do some hiking the weekend before and climb the tallest mountain in Wales, because #yolo!   Continue reading


Winter trekking in Nepal: What to pack & FAQs

So you want to go trekking in Nepal in the winter.  Are you going to get frostbite/hypothermia?  Will there be 5 feet of snow?  Will there be running water?  How many layers should you pack!?!?!?  Come inside for answers to these questions and more, in Laura’s guide to winter trekking in Nepal! 😀 Continue reading

Hiking the Virginia Triple Crown

Just outside of Roanoke, VA there are three hikes dubbed the “Virginia Triple Crown”.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I hiked them and I’m going to give y’all an account of my experience!  (Why yes I have lived in Virginia for over a year and this is my first Virginia blog post…)  Continue reading

A fall backpack in Kings Canyon/Sequoia: Pear Lake

In mid-October I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to California, so we began researching short, 2-day backpacks in Kings Canyon/Sequoia.  Turns out that you can’t do much justice to backpacking in these parks with only 2 days, but we tried our best with a backpack up the Lakes Trail, and my old friend from high school came along for her FIRST BACKPACK EVER! Continue reading